Pachuca CF players start internship at Ajax: 'This enriches our lives'
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In late October and early November, two players from Mexican team CF Pachuca came to Amsterdam for a two-week internship. Ajax has a partnership running with the Mexican powerhouse. It was an unforgettable experience for Julio Pérez and Fernando Álvarez.

The Mexicans learned some time ago back home that their club was going to be working with a European football club. "There was a lot of talk about a partnership," says Álvarez. But we never thought it would involve a club as big as Ajax. It became official about two months ago. We were very excited."

They both jumped at the opportunity straight away and came to the Netherlands this autumn for an internship with Jong Ajax. "Being here is so valuable," explains Álvarez. "We are going to enjoy this experience immensely."
They're both looking to the future. They enjoyed the facilities at Ajax. Pérez found everything at Ajax was well organised, for example. "The footballers here want for nothing. They focus on the players at Pachuca, too. They feel that how someone is doing in themselves is important. They pay attention to the slightest detail. Just like here. In that sense, the clubs are very similar."

"At Pachuca it is also very common for players to be promoted rapidly," Álvarez adds to his fellow countryman. "That also helped us adapt to how they play here.
While on internship in the Netherlands, the Mexicans also visited Amsterdam. The pair visited the Rijksmuseum and Dam Square, for instance. "We also took a boat ride along the canals," recounts Pérez, smiling. "The captain told us all about Amsterdam and its history.

Both hope they left a good impression at Jong Ajax. "We had an opportunity to come here and show off Mexican football," said Pérez. 
Álvarez also enjoyed the internship. "I'm going home totally satisfied. I enjoyed it and learned a great deal. Whatever happens from here. I am hugely grateful for this opportunity. When others get to come, they will enjoy it just as much. Or perhaps even more. Our teammates back in Mexico will want to know how it all went, of course. Experience like this obviously enriches your life in many ways."