8 February 2023
   37,50 24,95
Ajax has a rich history of developing talent, with a recognizable philosophy as a foundation.

On 8 February 2023 we will organize a webinar about Support. The webinar is one of the Education meetings from the 1* Ajax Education Program.


Support consists of all non-football related departments within the youth academy. The purpose of these departments is to ultimately destress and support the football related departments. The departments are tasked with maintaining a strict directing of all activities. These departments are deeply intertwined and form a crucial part of the youth academy.

Signing up is possible until 8 February 2023, 12:00 CET.

Our experts 

Marc Gosselink

Data Coordinator
Ajax Coaching Academy


  • Date: 8 February 2023
  • Time: 18:00 - 19:30 CET
  • Location: online
  • Level: 1* - introduction
  • Who: all interested
  • Language: English


€37,50 €24,95 VAT included
Special offer available until 1 February 2023

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